ABOUT The Artist

Not looking for a job - Currently employed

Kristian Nurmi - 3D Artist / Web Designer

Hi my name is Kristian Nurmi, I'm a 3D-artist and a web designer from Finland (Yes, the place where you think there are polar bears and such but there aren't any, really XD).

I've been a digital artist for around 14 years. You might say that I'm hungry to learn new things. I'm always trying to improve my skills and learn something new. That's why I added comment sections around my site, I would really appreciate if you took the time to give me feedback on how to improve my art. I don't limit my creativity to the digital world only, I do stuff ranging from digital art to woodworking and loving every minute of it. (Basically, it do whatever my crazy mind happens to comes up with).

Usually, my art starts as a small seed that starts to grow from a single thought or idea. Most often it might even deform into something entirely different and take me to a journey that I couldn't have imagined when I got the initial idea.

Bad Luck Company is a creative outlet for me and works as my artistic alter ego. I like to create things and show them off, that's why I created a whole website for my nonsense. (chuckles). I don't tend to take life too seriously, it's serious enough without me being it too, despite I hope that you will enjoy my nonsense and be awesome!

Skills / What I'm good at

3D / Modelling

3D / Texturing

3D / UV-Mapping

3D / Rendering

3D / Animation

Video Editing

Audio Editing

Web / Html

Web / CSS

Web / Bootstrap

Web / ModX

Web / JQuery

Web / PHP


Web / Website Optimization

Web / SEO


Software / My toolbag

Maxon Cinema 4D

Chaos Group VrayC4D


Pilgrim 3D-Coat

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Audition

Adobe Premiere


Affinity Designer

Unity 3D