Badass Santas Sleigh

Re-worked workproject

This is something that I did for work, it was for a Christmas card for one of our tie-down brands Quickloader. I think I made this somewhere around 2013. I didn't feel it was the best version that it could be even back in the day so I decided to re-work it to see if I have upped my skills over the years enough to make it look as cool as I originally intended.

The brief was to create something cool for a Christmas card. Well, what's more Christmassy than Santas Sleigh. I had a few drinks with my friend and we started our own pimp my Sleigh. Of course, we had to add leather seats and -armrests, high beams on chrome bars, suspension, diamond plated steps, turn signal, and for a piece de resistance chrome flames to the skies.

What do you think? Should've added something else too? Comment and let me know.

Here's the original artwork from 2013.

It's not totally terrible but it lacks the feeling that I was going for. What do you think is the new better?

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