Radical Garage - Wallpaper

The Radical Garage Wallpaper

My little brother has this crew right, Radical Garage, they monkey around and do stupid shit with cars and other kinds of vehicles. These guys are awesome and they asked me to help create a logo for them. They had a general idea drafted out and all I had to do was to tweak and finalize it. I ended up doing this wallpaper and a bunch of other stuff with their new logo on it. I watermarked this because it's just for show, not to go.

If someone who doesn't speak Finnish is wondering what the hell does "Vauhtia perkele" mean? Loosely translated it means "More speed motherfucker", of course, there is no direct translation to the legendary Finnish power/swear word "PERKELE" because it's so awesome and there is nothing that compares in power.

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