The Awesome Mix Vol.1

The Awesome Mix Vol.1 from The Guardians of The Galaxy

Yes Yes Yes, a bit of fan art this time. I watched The Guardians of the Galaxy yet again a while back, inspiration struck and I had to make the famous C-Cassette from the movie.

My girlfriends' father had old tapes stored away so I was lucky to get a real-world reference for modeling. Of course, no of them were an exact match to the tape from the movie but the basic structure of the tapes are quite similar in all of them.


I tried to add allsorts of detail, surface imperfections, smudges, prints, scratches, discoloration.

The tape is transparent, not black?!

Shit, originally I thought the tape is just black, easy peasy but then I looked at the reference photo from the movie and realized that it's actually transparent. Because it's transparent I had to model all the inside stuff too.

Render time 3 h 44 min

Render Size: 3000 x 1687px

CPU: 2 × Xeon X5690

GPU: Quadro M4000

RAM: 64 GB

Software: Cinema 4D, 3D-Coat | V-ray for C4D

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