We Need The Doctor - Wallpaper

Doctor Who - The Tardis

This time I decided to make a Doctor Who's Tardis, using my old model of it that I made back in 2016. I wanted to give it the same feeling as in the show when the Tardis arrives at the destination of the doctors' choosing. What do you think? You'll find the original image below.

Those of you who don't know who or what Doctor who or Tardis is. The doctor who is a quite famous TV-Series about a time-traveling man with a spaceship called the Tardis which is camouflaged as an old fashioned police box.

The Tardis from 2016

This is the model that I made in 2016. I never really finished it because I had no idea how to use it. Should have I made some environment for it or what? I tried a few variations but nothing looked good so it got abandoned until now.

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