RK Gingerbread House

Another work project re-worked

This is something that I did for work, it this too was for a Christmas card for one of our brands RK. I made this around the same time as the Bad Ass Santa's Sleigh for Quickloader

This was mainly a material update if you don't count the few additions that I made to the original. The Vray materials got a reality update so they behave more like real materials, like fresnel to the reflections, and adjusted the glossiness according to material properties. I added the light inside, the green sugar coating to the trees, and a bit of smoke with Photoshop. Also, a change to the position of lights was made.

The original from 2013

This looks so unfinished now. It's funny that I didn't make the trees green for the first time or put a light inside. It's a shame that I don't have the render time for this saved anywhere so I could see how much faster the new render was.

The Lighting

I used one big area light on the left and one smaller one to shine light from the back. I used a spotlight to light an area of the background.

Render time 27 min

Render Size: 2600 x 1844px

CPU: 2 × Xeon X5690

GPU: Quadro M4000

RAM: 64 GB

Software: Cinema 4D | V-ray for C4D

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